A photo of Kevin Bowler on a beach with the sea in the background.

My story

I have been writing code since I was in primary school, when my father introduced me to BASIC. I would spend hours crafting intricate quizzes and games for my family.

I moved on to learning some simple Python and Visual Basic before deciding to study Software Engineering at Aberysywyth University, where I also worked for the Web Department on my placement year, gaining some invaluable experience.

After graduation, I got a job as a PHP web developer for an international television broadcaster, where I quickly became the Senior Developer, with a team of 5 developers.

I then moved into iOS application development for an agency with international clients in the aerospace and publishing sectors amongst others, before moving back into web development for an agency whose clients included a mix of multi-national software companies, and local businesses.

Following many years of permanent employment, I decided to try the freelance / contract world, and successfully ran my own business for two years, working on a varied selection of freelance and contract projects across the full stack of developement from PHP/HTML/CSS to Ruby on Rails, NodeJS and Swift.

I am now working in the education sector for a company that is disrupting the way Universities work and changing the sector for good.

My skills

These are the things that I know:


16 years


6 years

Objective-C / Swift

11 years


16 years