I use a selection of different tools to get my job done.


Mid-2014 Macbook Pro 13"

This is my main machine for writing code. It gives me portability so I can work from anywhare. The hardware is still good enough for what I need most of the time.



I uses PHPStorm as my main editor for most projects, either PHP based or Angular. It is very powerful, has hgreat code completion and language support, and has some really ncie features for finding the code you need in files, includes or buried in the same file!

VS Code

When I am workign on smaller or JS-heavy projects (like thsi site), I use VS Code. It's quick, lightweight and allows you to write code quickly qithout the overhead of a massive IDE like PHPStorm.


Chrome has a very poerful set of debugging tools for viewing API responses, script execution and markup, and it happens to eb the most used browser on the products at work, so I use this when developing.

Sequel Pro

Sequel Pro is a great visual database tool for MySQL databases. It has fantastic editing and query building support, and is much nicer to use that the more "traditional" SQL tools, plus it has the added advantage of not requiring PHPMyAdmin to installed on your server, if you configure the machien correctly, which cuts down your attack surface on your server.


A fantastic REST client for API development.


It's the defacto tool for building iOS apps.


Sometimes you just have to uplaod stuff to a client's server manually, and when you do, Transmit is the slickest, most feature-rich tool for doing that!


Where would I be without BBEdit? It's the best text editor on the market. Lots of extremely powerful text manipulation features, and a very generous free version make this a must-have tool for Mac based developers.


If you need to set up a quick development environment without worrying about manging your dependancies or messing around with too mcuh configuration, MAMP is still the best too for the job. It supports a growing lsit of services, with more being added in each major release. So much power and flexability is put at your fingertips, and if you need more, you can easilt jump into config files. But so much is catered for out of the box, that the need for that is rare.



Great services at very reasonable price-points, with a lot of ability for scripting, as well as fantastic community support mean that DigitalOcean is a very good palce to put your code.


Their Cloud DNS solution is rock solid and reduces points of failure in your web stack.