Running workshops in Cornwall

K P Bowler Limited has partnered with Real Ideas Organisation to help young people in Cornwall get training and earn a Social Enterprise Qualification by designing and building an App to solve a real-world problem.

The App will facilitate the communication of individuals who may live in remote, rural areas or are disengaged with traditional communication platforms, and will help them to find information about events that may be relevant to them, and help them find education, employment or training.

The approach has been both collaborative and creative, with the young participants leading the way, with the project leaders and sector facilitators being on-hand to guide the process.

The participants have interviewed the steak-holders in the project, then used collaborative methods to define the project requirements, as well as taking roles such as designers, developers and project managers within the project.

Here is what one participant, Ben Cole has to say:

The experience I’ve gathered from the four sessions of working on the application during the CBL has been immeasurable. From common workplace practices, such as scaling the workload to be manageable for our small team; learning agile methods of keeping the project still “on the
rails” as we scale our ideas of how far it could reach and keeping it interesting and fun while we work. So far during the sessions, we have planned the uses and features of the application with help from our Industry Experts allowing us to nail down the technologies we will be using, as well as learning how to be confident when addressing our own thoughts and ideas in the group setting. During this time, we also spoke with our clients from RIO, and asked for their input in how our ideas matched with theirs.

We started the project, with a session discussing as a group, what problems we had in our lives that we thought a digital solution could make it easier. A variety of ideas bounced around in the circle, from finding a warm pasty a local game store stock checker, to our eventual idea to devise an application that would ease some of the problems that the Game Changer navigators have with contacting their participants. After we decided in a group manner, what we it needed to do, we had to find solutions to creating the application. After speaking with Kevin, we came up with a solution to make our own authentication system, that would allow us to authenticate the user our own way.

As of February 2018, the project is ongoing and the participants continue to design and develop the app, with an aim to release it later this year.

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